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Article: 9 Ways to Style T Shirt and Jeans Look for Women

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9 Ways to Style T Shirt and Jeans Look for Women

If you are t shirt and jeans girl and are looking for ways to amp up your style but still want to keep the core elements the same, then you are at the right place, my friend! All it takes is a little bit of inspiration from the internet.

When we are looking for inspiration, we often look up to our favorite celebs and their style. Thus we are compiling a list of ways to how you can amp up your outfit and remain a t shirt and jeans girl. Next time you are feeling confused as to how to style your t shirt and jeans pull inspiration from these outfits and you shall be good to go.


1. Knotted t shirt and jeans

knotted t shirt jeans girl look with sneakers - half sleeve t shirt - cotton

While crop tops are all the rage out there today, grab a pair of a t shirt and knot it in the front or on the side as per your convenience, and make it into a DIY crop top. It not only changes the outfit but also gives an effortless vibe. Complete this look by combining it with your favorite jeans, sneakers and a pair of sunglasses This gives a stylish summer look and you get to be a jeans and t shirt girl.


2. Off-shoulder top and heels

Who doesn’t love a good off-shoulder top? Well, I know the majority of women love this. And we think this trend is here to stay for some time. Pair your off-shoulder top with jeans and finish the look with matching earrings and your favorite pair of heels. This is a great date-night outfit.


3. High neck t shirts with white sneakers

A high neck t shirt and jeans combo can be your go-to look when the temperature drops. Complete this look with some gold necklaces and the right pair of earrings. Complete the outfit b pairing it with white sneakers and a bag to carry all your necessities.


4. Printed t shirt with sneakers or heels

Now since we know how much you love being a t shirt and jeans girl, we have the best outfit idea for you. Grab a printed t shirt and tuck it in your ripped jeans to give a rugged look. Throw your hair in a messy bun or ponytail, wear a bold lip and finish the look with sneakers or heels (your choice). This look is great for casual shopping or a movie day.


5. Basic t shirt and shirt combination with boots

basic t shirt for women - black half sleeve - cotton - summer wear - everyday look

This is a combination that will never fail. If you have an oversized shirt that is lying around, pair it with your basic t shirt and jeans. This not only gives a little something extra to the outfit, but it also looks like you have put in an effort when dressing (although in reality, all you did was layer yourself with an oversized shirt). The shirt can be a denim shirt or a floral shirt. Anything and everything can be paired with a basic t shirt and jeans combination. Isn’t this a blessing in disguise?


6. Jacket and platform shoes

If you are traveling somewhere or the weather is a tad bit chilly, throw on a jacket and pair it up with platform shoes to complete the look. This is great for an airport look. You look trendy and you travel in style without compromising on your comfort.


7. Blazer with heels for brunch

Brunch look. T shirt turned into crop top. blazer and biker shorts. pair with heels and sunnies. a perfect brunch outfit

Hear us out before jumping to conclusions. Pair your biker shorts with a t shirt (you can style the t shirt as a crop top) with a semi-formal blazer and complete the look with a pair of matching heels. This outfit can be worn to brunch with a pair of sunnies. It is laid back and very easy to style. 


8. Blazer with a t shirt and heels for laid-back Friday 

Blazer and t shirt - laid back friday outfir - professional yet casual

When you want to dress up work but don't want to put in a lot of work into planning an outfit, get your favourite blazer with a matching t shirt and jeans, pair it with black pumps or heels. There you have it. A look put together in less than 10 minutes. Perfect for a Laid-back Friday!


8. Utility jacket and sneakers

On a lazy Sunday, when you want to step out for shopping or running errands, throw on a utility jacket with your go-to sneakers and your outfit is complete. A utility jacket adds a pop of color to your outfit and gives a trendy look.


9. Statement coat with heels

Statement jacket with t shirt and heels. Winter outfit. Stylish yet chic but easy to style

When you want to make a quick coffee run but don’t want to look like someone who just rolled out of bed, grab a statement coat and pair it with your favorite pair of ankle boots. This not only ties up your entire outfit together but also gives you an effortless look while looking gorgeous.


There are so many ways women can dress-up. I have listed some of my go-to ways for being a t shirt and jeans girl for life. I hope you love the ideas and please do tell me if you have any suggestions down in the comment box. I would love to continue being at shit and jean girl but wouldn’t mind experimenting with different ideas.

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